WTF (Seriously): Tank brake test


This is crazy people, but hey, if it went wrong they would look good in their mass funeral. And now while you watch this video above, ten sentences to go along with this very WTF video:


10. Why did the chicken cross the road? To avoid the speeding Tank about to hit those people.


9. Rock, Paper, Scissor, Tank!


8. Say Cheese, er, Tank!


7. The earth is moved for me too, in fact, it still is.


6. Tank me? No, tank you!


5. Don’t tread on me!


4. They said I could get my suit permanent press forever if I stand right here.


3. Tiananmen Square? Never heard of it!


2. It can stop on a dime. Where’s the dime, in my pocket of course.


1. Ok our raid group is ready to go, where’s the tank?!