Mini Game Review: Quiz Up



PVP quizzing that is fun? It can work! How do I know? Because Quiz Up proved it. Quiz up is the excellent app game that allows you to challenge other players to various quizzes. And I do mean various; I’ve never seen such a collection of human knowledge since the Internet: from the Arts to Zoology there’s no one left out – in Quiz Up everyone’s genius. Of course the eternal question is who’s the smartest genius in the room, hopefully you. Players pick their favorite topic and then gets matched up with an opponent. They both get severed up with six questions, whoever answers the questions correctly, and quickly, will be the victor. Winning in Quiz Up will raise your rank within that topic type and score you an awesome title like ‘Binary Boss’ or ‘Dirtiest player in the Game’. Losing also rises your rank, but not by very much. Speaking of which, if you think the guy that you just quizzed against is awesome, you can save them as a friend. If he/she beat your butt and you want ‘revenga!’ then challenge them and settle the score. I can’t tell you how much fun Quiz Up is, each intellectual match is just as intense as any CoD Ghost match I’ve played in resent times (and no whinny babies, how bout that).


Bam! D&D champ of PA. What awards can you win?

Bam! D&D champ of PA. What awards can you win?











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