Game Preview: Wildstar Week Pt.2 – The Medic


Just to be clear, not the medic from Team Fortress 2 (although that would’ve been awesome) but a futuristic sciencey version of a medic in Wildstar. Now sooner or later players always try a healer class once, and why not? It feels awesome to be the most important class in the group, that life and death begins and ends with me, and after a tough battle one person will always say ‘Nice heals!’ However most healer classes don’t have anything else outside of group activities and usually get slaughtered in PvP or bored in solo adventures. Wildstar’s medic will change all of that, not only does it multitask their abilities with the use ‘stations’ and ‘probes’ but they look awesome doing it. Also similar to the Spellslinger, they don’t just stand still but they move all over the field to best their skills. Finally – they can bring the pain DPS style to the enemies; hey you never took the Hippocratic oath. Now some might prefer the classic healer archetype, but don’t fear the unknown people, give this updated version a try you might like it.





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