Game Review: South Park – The Stick of Truth


Ladies and Gentlemen: South Park is an animated comedy TV show on Comedy Central. It is a revolutionary series that pushes the boundaries of political-social norms. It also has the unfortunate tendency to push the boundaries of good taste, seriously the things I’ve seen watching that show (and movie) really weren’t necessary to the overall episodes. Despite that fact though the show is funny, brilliantly written, and even have ‘moral’ lessons to them.  Now I said all of that because the writers of the show also written the game, South Park: The Stick of Truth, and they did the impossible – they made the game just like the show. Warts and all, the show is a masterpiece and so is this game.



So the game take place in the town of South Park, uh, I mean the lands of Zaron, where the Stan & Kyle and Cartman & Kenny, uh, I mean the Elves and the Humans are locked in a bloody civil war for the fabled Stick of Truth, uh, I mean the Stick of Truth.  Deadlocked, Cartman believed the only way to tip the war in his favor is to seek the aid of the new kid who moved into town: You, and thus the game begins. South Park: The Stick of Truth is the evolution of the classic turn based RPG, very similar to the Mario & Luigi RPG titles. Your basic and special attacks must be activated in a certain way otherwise they won’t be effective, or in Kenny’s case will completely backfire. Player’s weapons and armors will range from wooden swords and sweat bands to alien energy guns and mini SWAT uniforms.  And trust me they’ll be put to work as you explore all over South Park (first time since the show’s creation that the town’s been mapped actually) in your quest for the stick, as well as doing side quests for some of the more familiar characters from the show. So after delay after delay after publisher going under after finding a new publisher after delay – does The Stick of Truth ring true?







To take from Daniel Bryan: YES! YES! YES! This game is creative, innovative, and entertaining as any last generation or current generation (so for) game. Customizing your character doesn’t end at the beginning of the game. In addition to the unique looking weapons and armors you find throughout the adventure; players can also collect wigs, facial hair and make-up to configure your character look any way like. You gear can also be configured with different ‘stickers’ to improve their functionality or give an edge in combat. And speaking of which, the combat is glorious and well designed, if anyone thinks that turn based combat can’t be challenging should park this title for quite a surprise. Finally the level of writing and animation to make this game as close to the show as possible is so good it’s almost 1 to 1. Seriously Matt, Trey, and all of the staff that worked this game put in 150%; everybody in the industry should take notes and notice what gaming could become with effort. Sadly this doesn’t earn the long awaited triple platinum rating for only one reason, the same weakness that the show has honestly: it’s raw. South Park has never been a show to play it safe, and the game follows suit: certain things and images, are not for kids (heck I think I’m too young for their content half the time). It doesn’t happen often but every once in a while some explicit scene will appear and you’ll say: “I really wish I didn’t see that…” Stuff like that keep this game from true greatness, but hey art’s in the eye of the holder and all that.  South Park: The Stick of Truth on a storytelling and mechanical standpoint is pure dynamite and is the last great game of the PS3/Xbox 360 era. If you’re over 21 and still have those systems I strongly suggest you pick up this game and play it with vim and vigor; it is truly the game we’ve been waiting for.






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