Game Preview: Wildstar Week Pt.2 – The Engineer


Now people, I’ll be honest with you I love the Engineer job set in MMOs. Now they’re not always called ‘Engineers’ in MMO’s, sometimes they’re called ‘Cybertech’, other times it’s called ‘Crafting’. Whatever the name it’s a job path that allows players to make cool stuff that explodes, shoots, or does something neat. However in some cases MMOs will make the Engineer job into it’s own class – with various degrees of success (honestly the best engineer class in my experience was the TF2 Engie). Wildstar’s take on the Engineer, I think, will be the one that will do the ‘class’ right. For one it has an all-purpose cannon that zap, burn, bomb, or shoot down enemies. Another thing is that this class has heavy armor (probably the first time for the class actually) so it can DPS or Tank. And of course players can rock bots which can off-tank, heal, DPS, and crowd control. So yeah Engineer is a one man army and yes, chances are I’ll be pick this class once the game comes out.






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