Game Review – Infamous: Second Son


Titanfall, despite being a fun multiplayer romp with mecha and parkour, didn’t quite measure up to the qualities of next gen. However the Infamous series is known for being bigger and better with every new game, so can this flagship title prove its case to the masses on PS4 superiority?





Infamous: Second Son stars not Cole McGrath, because he’s dead, but a next generation of Condit named Delsin Rowe – young rapscallion whose wants to fight against the man, man; even though he’s a rebel without a cause. That’s ok because the game will properly give him something to rage against in the form the D.U.P. Now I really don’t want to give away any more plot details because half the brilliance of the game is its story telling; let’s just say it’s way better than what TV is churning out lately. Anyway Second Son, like all Infamous game to date is sandbox style; players can run, jump, climb, fight and explore the non-fictional city of Seattle (the other cities in previous games were creative facsimiles). The DUP controls all of it and if any trooper or camera catches you being awesome (using your powers) they’ll be on you like the plague. However you can change that by causing little chaos; tagging buildings, breaking security cameras, taking out their check points, and of course cause lots n’ lots DUP property damage. Now before you go crazy I must tell you that the Karma system is back as well. Meaning, if you don’t mind the wrestling jargon here for the moment, depending how baby-faced (good) or heel (bad) you act in the game the more you affect the city and your powers. Speaking of powers; Cole’s Lightening maybe iconic (technically ionic… because lightning is made from a mass of ionization of the air… nm) but Delsin’s smoke powers are versatile and powerful. However throughout the story Delsin will be able to ‘acquire’ powers that make throwing bolts look boring. And now, the rating:







You know after getting PS4 there wasn’t much for the system to play on, no backwards compatibility, really boring and/or confusing downloadable games (I’m looking at you Playstation Plus games), and the PS4 wasn’t even the my first of the next gen consoles to get. However life has a way of flipping the script on you; as thanks to Infamous: Second Son my faith in the PS4 has been restored. The game is a masterwork of storytelling, gameplay, digital artistry. Delsin is great change of protagonist for the series as he’s young but realistic guy who would act like many of us if we suddenly got superpowers; Cole was a descent enough guy but sometimes a bit to stoic. The world is also incredibly alive with activity from DUP patrols to those guys spinning signs on the street corner, and all of it at the whims of the player. Use your power to reach new heights and explore Seattle like a guy who can turn into smoke only can. Your enemies range from the conventional to the otherworldly, each with their own tactics and abilities that can push you to the limit. I could go on all day – in fact there is so much that this game does right that nitpicks are the only negatives: can’t skip cut scenes, no real choice in karma (either good or bad – no middle road), no weapon wheel for powers selection, things like that. They’re non-factors in the overall enjoyment of Second Son; in which I couldn’t be any more pleased. After Titanfall (again a fun game overall, but nothing I call groundbreaking) I was worry that Second Son might go down the same path of ‘second verse/same as the first’, just creating Infamous 2.5. While they kept the familiar elements they didn’t rely on them, they enhanced them, added new ideas, and crafted a title that is truly next gen. So to answer my own question at the beginning of the post, yes this is the flagship title PS4 owners have been waiting for. It is also the herald to things to come; right now many other PS4 exclusive titles are in the works and the success of Sucker Punch will spur them forward. Will they make the next big hit in the time to come, hard to say, but today it belongs to Infamous.





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