Bionic Bikini Part 2 Walkthrough

BB pt2



In lieu of doing reviews of new chapters of CYOA books I’ve already reviewed, I’ll just do the walkthroughs for them. In most cases the new chapters will follow the same lines of the first chapter so reviewing them would be like reviewing the first part again. Of course if the chapter is radically different from previous chapters or even a sequel to the previous story then I’ll give it a proper review, but today’s not that day. Anywho recap: You’re Zachary Johnson, the last great private investigator of the future. Even before the first part of Bionic Bikini Zach is famous (saved the world a couple of time), well connected, and carries around advanced tech. In Part 1 he (being you), had a mental showdown with psychic pizza server, tussled with some smart gorillas, stopped an opportunistic scientist from high-level corporate sabotage that could’ve have buggered up the world. All of that – and only at the tail end of it does Bionic Bikini is even mentioned. I still don’t know what it does, but something tells me that’s going to change in Part 2:





  • Forget
  • Slide
  • No time
  • Heat signatures
  • Hack
  • Cloaking
  • Shoot him now
  • Electric charge
  • Reason
  • Deceive
  • Leave them
  • Entertain
  • Shock
  • Jolt him good
  • She’ll go away
  • Convince her
  • Lie
  • Romantic partner
  • Disguise HARV
  • Hack
  • Pretend
  • Take shot
  • Play possum
  • Knife
  • Stealth
  • Ask for help
  • Helena Gevada
  • Impersonate Electra
  • World News Now
  • Pretend
  • Taunt









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  2. What pretend there is two

    • I know, I was using wordplay to be funny and introduce the walk-through for BB part 2. Don’t worry I’m much funnier now.

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