DLC: Infamous: Second Son – Papertrail


Infamous: Second Son is a fun ride through a occupied Seattle with awesome superpowers and, depending on your alinement, save the day or enslaved  the city yourself with fear. What’s to do however, when you’ve done it all? Why do more of course! Thus Paper Trail is available for players to continue the fun, unlike most DLC this one should have been included in the game when we bought it. It features a good ol’ fashion murder mystery, some cleaver detective work using the internet (you’ll have to link your PSN account with the game at  http://infamouspapertrail.com), and a new conduit that wields the power of paper. Don’t you laugh, you ever have a paper-cut, stings like the dickens. Anyway Papertrail follows the main story somewhat so if you completed it already this is the perfect time to restart and follow a new path and see the other ending as well as complete Papertrail. Now I tried to sign on to the website when I first got the game but no go, since then however, people have been able to play the DLC so I think it ready to go now.