Trailer-Rama: Godzilla (2014)


In books, games, and movies things that end the world sometimes are, admittedly, pretty lame if you think about. Zombies: they’re slow, stupid, single-minded, and they can’t use stealth; Monkeys: seriously, monkeys – I don’t care if a ‘virus’ killed 99% of the human race if the 1% still have the use of guns and access to ammo then guess what, man will still be on top of the food chain. That being said something are more believable and could doom us all like Terminators (Google already bought a robotic factory and already making robots so yikes) or Godzilla which is a subject of Trailer-Rama today. Yes they’re trying the old giant radioactive lizard again after the 90’s Godzilla movie and the Saturday morning cartoon (yes I’m a fan so sue me). However this variation of the big G will be based on the classic 1950’s original – meaning less humor, more thriller drama with maybe a lesson thrown in. The trailer is definitely impressive and it is a giant beastie trying to wreck up the place; so I’m going to watch this movie and see which Godzilla film is superior in resent times. It’s got a long road to go since they won’t be reprising Matthew Broderick role as the worm guy, but I won’t hold it against them.