Games & Gear of 2014 – Bound by Flame (05/09/14)


Hey, hey people! It’s time for an week  of updated Games & Gear of 2014, which unfortunately looks like slim picking this year. I kind of knew that it was going to be this way actually; now that the One and PS4 are out the big developers are scrambling to create the next big hit for those system, which may take a while. So in the mean time we’ll have to a relay of good old Nintendo and some original IPs to entertain us for the following year, like Bound by Flame. Set in the mystical world of Vertiel you play a veteran mercenary, part of a group of other highly skilled combat operatives: the Pure-Blades, who during your latest job was overrun by a legion of undead known as the Deadarmy (no guess work here). What’s more you sort of get little possessed by a fire demon who gives you the classic choice of ultimate power for your immortal soul. From there the game’s yours: you can take demon’s ofter and become all powerful (over time of course) and raze the Deadarmy with your fiery vengeance, you can tell that demon to sod off and defeat the Deadarmy you own way by bashing and/or stealthing your way to victory, you can recruit like-minded individuals to fight against the darkness and forge a strong bond or just betray them when their usefulness is at an end, create new weapons and gear to maximize your strength or slay unique, terrible monsters to gain a better rep – or do it all! Bound by Flame is billed with some very impressive features, which if they live up to will make them the next Elder Scrolls or Dragon Age in my opinion. This game will release next month and with good fortune will not be a waste of $60 plus tax.





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