Dragon Age Inquisition Week – The Return of the Races


Now, unlike 88% of the gamer population, I really didn’t have a problem with Dragon Age II and enjoyed my experience greatly. That being said the one thing I didn’t like about DA II is the elimination of the races (elves and dwarves). In DAO I’ve tried them all and I had greater understanding of the overall story by seeing it in different perspectives. You didn’t have that same diversity in the sequel and people took noticed. So not only did BioWare bring back the choice of race but added the stoic Qunari the choices. For the most part the followers of Qun (i.e. Qunari) have been wrapped in a mystery sandwich throughout the Dragon Age lore so players becoming a Qunari (well technically a Tal-Vashoth) would open up so much content its crazy. Anywho which race will you represent first? I’m a Orzammar man myself so Dwarves firsts, then the way of the Qun, then vanilla humans, and finally the weak elves; sorry people, I call them as I see them.



In other news…



As always Nintendo = win