Trailer–Rama: Pro Wrestlers + Zombies = Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies


You know after 80+ years of zombie films (and 20+ years of zombie video games) you would think writers would run out of things for Zombies to do, but nope. In Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies veteran pro wrestlers like Rowdy Roddy Piper, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, and Kurt Angle ended up fighting zombies in a abandon and/or haunted prison. Why? How? You’re asking the wrong questions, also who cares its wrestlers fighting zombies in an evil prison; so that at least earns a rental from people who are fans of either wrestling or zombies. Please note though that this won’t be the next Casablanca, you can tell that by the trailer alone, but if Sharknado and Birdemic can enjoyed by so many (and are getting or have a squeal already) then Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies will be the next big thing in B movies.





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