This just in (Or not) – Boondocks is Back


No joke people, the greatest version of African American action anime has returned to TV last month on Adult Swim. The season opening episode, Pretty Boy Flizzy, was a bold move to focus on the secondary character Tom and his client; a trouble making musical artist named, you guessed it, Pretty Boy Flizzy. I watched it and I like it, though some didn’t; I believe this season will be like ‘Agents of S.H.I.L.E.D.’ a long, well-told story over multiple episodes. Though I was saddened that the show’s creator Aaron McGruder would not have any part of this season; this sort of things happens all the time in entertainment and Community is a perfect example of this. And regardless those Dan Harmon-less seasons weren’t bad at all so I have hope for Boondocks. Click on the link here and watch the latest episode while the watching is good; let the video keep playing at the link page and you’ll get there (unless they changed it in which case sorry).






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  1. […] This just in (Or not) – Boondocks is Back […]

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