Dragon Age Inquisition Week (Part 2) – Story


Hah! You though it was over but guess what? The Inquisition can’t be contained be contain in one pitiful week! So we continue with the coverage with the story of this new game, which might be the single best reason why this game steps up in the series. After the events of Dragon Age II the world of Thedas has been thrown into chaos. The long oppressed mage population has now finally rebelled after an insane military commander ordered their destruction at Kirkwall. This sent shockwave throughout the continent as powerful countries are in civil war and century old military organizations have split off from their duty. Now believe it or not that ain’t the worst of it; while the whole world’s burning, there’s a breach within the veil. The veil is a reality the separates real from the mystical, and generally the place where malicious beings come from. Now those malicious beings are entering Thedas through the breach and left unchecked they could be the end of it all. And that’s what players have to deal with: stop wars, bring peace to the land, and mend the giant space/time hole that spits out evil. I love this series, and I can’t wait to play in October.





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