Dragon Age Inquisition Week (Part 2) – The World


Now one of the chief complains that players had with DA II is that the land of Kirkwall was repetitious and lack any diversity in the dungeons. Again it didn’t bother me but I did notice it and I could understand how it could rub people the wrong way. I mean with fantasy your imagination gets set ablaze, but when you see the world your experiencing and it got a lot of browns, blacks, greys, and other underwhelming imagery you can’t help be a little disappointed. In Inquisition however they not holding back; not only allowing players to see the other lands of Thedas but each land has many different secrets, so much so that the designers fear that some of them maybe never found – that dedication! Now please note: this ain’t Skyrim, it won’t be open world, but it is a far cry from being liner either so I don’t think we have anything to worry about. On the whole this will be the biggest Dragon Age game to date, and I for one can’t wait to explore every nook & cranny possible when it comes out.





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