Game Preview – Sunset Overdrive


This is what I like to see people, honestly, more new games showing me cool stuff to look forward to, yesterday was Evolve and today it’s Sunset Overdrive (And Fortnite is on its way, yay!). So Sunset Overdrive takes place… in the future! Where your characters have to survive a world infested with monsters… I know this sounds very familiar but what sets this game apart is its stylized look, lighthearted take on shooters, and crazy unique weapons – and as we all know Insomniac Games is one of the few video game developers that can pull it off because their past speaks for itself. Now there isn’t a ‘official’ official release date yet for you can pre-order it right now and I suggest you do so because you just know when E3 shows up next month they’ll drop that date like a potato. Til then here’s some informative videos on game giving you some details on the plot, premise, and… Hah ha ha! Just kidding, it’s just clips on how to awesomely dispatch mutant monsters in the game – enjoy!








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