Mini Game Review: Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars


Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars is a uniquely wacky JRPG that involves dungeon crawling, squad combat, and breeding warriors with beautiful girls to defeat evil. Aterra is the setting of the game; a world full of magic but has dangers in the form of monsters coming from dangerous labyrinths no one can enter – save for one: you. Now unlike most RPGs you don’t gather heroes, fighters and mages – you make them. They are called Star Children and they become your soldiers as you enter these labyrinths and each child can fill one of thirty roles in your fight. Players can also take one (of seven) lucky lady with him as well, each with their own skills, weapons, and personality. What makes this game is the dating sim part, getting to know your harem is quite interesting. They’re not just pretty faces but characters with hopes, fears, ambitions, and, of course, and interest in the main character. As said main character you keep the ladies happy and in turn they help you produce stronger Star Children and fight harder in labyrinths. Another plus to the game is the little details: combat options, side quest, dungeon crawling, DLC (limited albeit), databases, even upgrading your home city to provide better services. There are some lost in translation moments and the labyrinths can go on forever; the game is real winner if you’re looking for something different. In a world full of shooters, zombies, and gritty reality its sometimes good to let Japan take you away.








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