Watch out (and for) – Hex: Shards of Fate


You know people a long time ago I was a Magic the Gathering player, sure some friend introduced me to game and I’ve enjoyed it throughout middle school. However people, as you know, I am a video gamer so over time I’ve lost interest in Magic – but not their card game format. I’ve tried different many different ‘Digital Trading Card Games’ since then with various degrees of success (latest one was Hearthstone which I’m convinced is broken thanks to OP classes – heh, it’s really just like WoW after all); but what’s coming soon might be the next step in DTCG evolution, Hex: Shards of Fate. Now you’re asking me “What makes Hex different than anything else?” to which I anwser will be a combination of DTGC and MMO. You heard right, a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Trading Card Game! People that is fantastic because it solves the one problem TGC always had in my opinion: reason to care. Imagine it when you start Hex and get your first deck (and get past the tutorial of course) you don’t get randomly get matched up to some person or bot to fight, but set off in a (hopefully) fantastic quest where you meet awesome allies that become your newest creatures in your deck. Battle the evil (or ‘good’ depending on your faction) empire in a story driven narrative. Best of all when you have to tackle a dungeon you can partner up with other players and use your combined custom decks to get the job done. The sky the limit and I can’t wait, sadly the game is still in close beta stages but you know it’s a matter of time. Stay tuned.





It has come to my attention that currently both Cryptozoic and Hex Entertainment LLC, creators of Hex: Shards of Fate, are currently in a legal dispute with Wizards of the Coast, the creators of Magic the Gathering, claiming that Hex this very similar to Magic. This is disappointing, but not unexpected. Hopefully this matter can be settled  quickly so Hex can be the main focus of the creators and not the sue you circus of corporate culture.


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