Trailer–Rama: Edge of Tomorrow


Who doesn’t like paradoxal-temporal war movies; not me that’s who. In ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Tom Cruise plays Bill Cage a vanilla everyman until he gets drafted into war against unknown aliens invading the earth. No sooner do they outfit him into an Exosuit and drop him into the battlefield, he dies. Shows over right? Nope. As it turns out Cage has contracted ‘Phil Connors from Groundhog’s Day’ disease and now every time he dies the day restarts. So now Cage and Special Forces solider Rita Vrataski use his special ability to make him a stronger, more deadly, fighter every time he dies. However with an alien army seemingly unstoppable can two people, no matter the do-overs, stop the end of world or will it be Cage’s fate to be its eternal wittiness over and over and over again.





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