This just in (Or not) – Borderlands: The Fall of Fyrestone



As you long time Armada faithful know I love Team Fortress 2. Even before the game the characters made me love the game; and when the actual game came out in 2007 it was over – TF2 would be here to stay. Sadly on the story front it was always a little light: Who are these guys?Why are they fighting?Is that guy throwing pee in a jar at me? Thanks to their online webcomic most of those questions were answered. This brings me to Borderlands. Now that game has a better habit of explaining story between the first and second titles, however certain places and events are MIA in the lore. Well that won’t be the case for Fyrestone because the good people at IDW are publishing a paper cover comic detailing the fall of that unlucky town – involving the original vault hunters no less. So fill this out and go to your local funny book shop and turn it; when July 16 shows up you’ll be the first person on your block with the book.





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