Mini Game Review: Witch Saga Volume 1 + Walkthrough

Witch Saga vol.1



Yes people it’s that time again: Delight Games CYOA book time, and since this starts with a review you know I’m about to talk about a new book – horary! Witch Saga is a story involving Ruth, a fedora wearing sixteen-year-old, who is having a devil of a summer: strange visions, weird symbols, and normally good people becoming violent. This mystery only gets deeper when she manifest magical powers; now armed with said powers Ruth must uncover the cause of the unnatural events effecting her life before they hurt the ones she loves or destroys her sanity. I would say Witch Saga is the spiritual successor to Wizard’s Choice because it has very familiar trappings. Stats like Life & Manna return and serve the function that you figure. Manna allows you to bring pain in the form of shockwaves & hexing weapons or defensive spells shields and illusions. Life; the more you have the better, if you run out, you dead. A ‘Cool’ stat makes it into Witch Saga as well, similar to Zombie High, solving problems in cleaver ways will add cool points; and in turn will help multiply your finally score at the end. Now a new stat for the games, premiering here, is Sanity. You start with 10 point there, but as you progress through the story and experience some H.P. Lovecraft moments the points will go down. If you reach zero then you go insane and game over.


It’s an interesting addition that makes me second-guess my choices for Ruth because she’s fighting an enemy on two fronts: the physical and mental. Another good CYOA book from Delight Games, written by M.E. Prince this time; Saga’s strength is also a weakness to some – meaning the pages themselves are light on words so you get to the choices quicker but in doing so players don’t get a chance to learn more for about the world they’re in. Not to say that the story itself not well written nor are choices tricky at times, but I would like to know more about the Witch and the Saga she’s in (we’ve only met Ruth’s best friend (Heddy) once, and that was in a dream sequence). That minor gripe doesn’t ruin the overall enjoyment of the first volume of Witch Saga, download it today and get busy.









And if you players out there need little help with this book, as always, the Armada got you covered.




• Look into the well
• Check
• Explore
• Leave them
• Talk
• Knock
• Ignore him
• Truth
• Question him
• Leave
• Leave it
• Barricade door
• Defend
• Run for the alley
• Hide
• Wait
• Ask her questions first
• Hide behind barrels
• Search yard
• Creep back
• Keep moving
• Stop and turn around
• Hold still
• Check outside
• Wait and listen
• Back window
• Examine corpse
• Stop
• Hit with oar
• Lie
• Shockwave
• Take Torch
• Go forward
• Talk the her
• *This is up to you, but I picked Blue Stone*
• Main Path
• Tell the truth
• Around back
• Cellar
• Red door
• Try to communicate
• Talk to her
• “Here to save my uncle”
• Eat one
• Engage
• Talk about interests
• Dancing
• Encourage them to fight
• Question him
• Examine him
• Step back
• Pick lock
• Leave
• Invisibility
• Shockwave
• Hit him
• Shield





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