Walkthrough 4 U: Zombie High – Volume 5

Zombie High – Volume 5


(Update 7/10/14: I’m sorry to  say people that I goofed when I put up the latest walkthrough of Zombie High. Namely calling it Volume 6 instead of Volume 5 – because Vol.6 doesn’t exist yet. Fortunately I’ve fixed the error and now people will be able to find the latest walkthrough without difficulty. Again sorry.)


It isn’t easy for a teenage girl in the zombie infested future; a mean your underground home gets overrun by the undead, in a plot to take over the world by smart zombies, you barely survive that just to get captured by cultist surface survivors, who in turn are being led by the smart zombies as well. There’s a bright spot though as you find a child invisible (and might be immune) to the zombies, but like clockwork the smart zombie find out and want her dead. So you, your new boyfriend you spent three volumes to get, the immune (not her name), and the womanizing, opportunistic ex-leader of the cult are on the run. But hey, you just discovered where the rest of your friends are and that’s a good, so now we continue to see what unfortunate fate awaits our adventurers.






  • Say it’s a game
  • Pry front doors
  • Go in now
  • Let’s do this
  • Take down
  • Free weights
  • Spot him
  • Kiss him
  • Help pull
  • Hand him
  • Just you
  • Cut him loose
  • Try to survive
  • Talk & climb
  • Password
  • R & F anniversary
  • Basketball Stadium
  • Run and hide
  • Snipe him with rifle
  • Tell Rick
  • Go in together
  • You
  • Tommy
  • Turn back
  • Knock
  • The HFVM man
  • Shoot at his rifle
  • Drop and roll
  • Use the blowtorch
  • Leave now
  • Jump
  • Hide under truck
  • Wait
  • Wait (Again)
  • Kiss
  • Hatchet
  • Food delivery
  • Look for a key
  • Shoot him
  • His legs
  • Shoot him
  • Use explosives
  • Act
  • Ask Tommy
  • Get Ava to do it
  • Run for the lake
  • Wade into the water
  • Talk to them
  • Say they are dead
  • Talk to him
  • Underworlder’s trust
  • Tell him ‘no’
  • Talk to Ava









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  2. I love ZH but this volume is the one i like least. I really hated losing Chase :((( he’s such a great guy. Sorry for the spoiler

    • I know, I wish he made it through the whole story, but when zombies are involved anyone could be on menu. I’m still a little bummed that Val turn traitor though.

      • too many bad things happened in this chapter with no way to avoid them. Not so much choose your own adventure as try not to die. I think I’m done with this series now.

      • Don’t give up, that’s how the Zombies win! When in doubt always look to our Walkthroughs to get you through.

  3. OK, here’s how to save some life:
    Instead of The HFVM man, pick The HFVM woman
    Instead of Use the blowtorch, pick shoot

  4. Followed this walkthrough and died. This needs to be fixed because it’s a walkthrough for a reason.

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