Armada’s E3 picks: Evolve (2/10/2015)


Now I’ve already talked about Evolve earlier last month so I don’t have anything personally to add this time around (the game’s still awesome and I can’t wait to play it this October next February (*sigh*)). However during E3 they added a new player monster to the roster: the Kraken (I can already hear all the “release the kraken!” jokes already). A near polar opposite to the Goliath, the Kraken is a range devastator shooting lightning bolts, mines, and force walls to keep his (or her) prey disorganized, damaged, and soon enough dead. I like this addition because I never relied that more monsters could be added to the game (honestly I thought it was going to be ‘the Goliath’ and that’s it). Now the sky’s the limit with creature creation; who do you think we’ll see next? A giant slime monster that can shape shift, an overgrown lizard that can breathe radiation, robot in disguise? Maybe all three in one, we’ll just have to wait this October next February to find out.






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