Armada’s E3 picks: Call of Duty – Advanced Warfare (11/04/2014)


Call of Duty; it’s  a shooter’s shooter, it is bullet called adrenaline that passes throughout your bloodstream at 1000 mph, it termed and created the word ‘Kill streak’, yeah it’s cool, fun series. Over its life cycle its had some ups and downs but on the whole they still hold strong after all these years. Now they’re jumping to the next saga as we leave the modern for the advanced, Advanced Warfare to be exact. There latest offering will take us to the not-so near future where the world is once under attack, but this time the enemies are sporting high tech exo-skeletons, multipurpose grenades, swarm-drones, and even more terrorizing weapons of war. The only way to fight fire is with fire, or in this case super technology of our own from the Atlas corporation, run by Kevin Spacey (well not really). However will this all be the beginning of a new era of peace, or does Atlas have more in mind than simple peace keeping. Who cares ( I do really), when future tech mulitplayer will be amazing – sadly we have to wait til this November to find out how amazing.




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