Armada’s E3 picks: Phantom Dust (TBA)


Now here’s one game I’ve never played on the original Xbox (too busy playing Mech Assault), in fact if I didn’t see the Phantom Dust trailer on the Xbox press conference I wouldn’t have known this game ever existed before. See Phantom Dust is a revival (or reboot I don’t know which) of the original game of the same name; it features post-apocalyptic earth, sentient dust people, and action RPG elements. So why is it an E3 pick for the Armada? Well as it turns out it’s quite the cult favorite of Xbox faithful; praising the game for its unique combat style and interest story. And if there’s one thing I can identify with is that overlooked, underrated games should be brought back for their fans & new players that never had the pleasure. I’m not quite sure if this new version of an old dusty favorite will be any good but I’m willing to give it the old try. If it turns out half as good as the fans claim the original was then the Xbox will have that 1st party game they sorely needed.


Here’s a little footage of the original Phantom Dust, looks like bargon basement anime to me, but let’s see how the new game plays next year



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