Armada’s E3 picks: Tom Clancy – The Division (TBA)


Ah Tom Clancy, God rest your soul. I’m going to miss how, even though you write about the same thing over & over again (political intrigue), it still very entertaining to watch, read, and play. Even though you’re gone, the brand with your name seems like keeping up with your style with the Division.  This title is worst outcome for America namely a Bio Terrorist attack that kills most of its people. Those who survive are either pirates, thugs, and extremists or victims of the former. The only hope for the country now is you and the Division; the Division is a secret organization (naturally) that specially trained their members to survive the end of the world and save what’s left of humanity – even from itself. Players will be busy as a Division operative, they will need to protect innocent, fight insurgences, and suss out who unleashed the man-made virus in the first place. Now we have two things going for us: the ability to customize your character to fight any kind of war you want to fight (heavy, stealthy, tech, etc) & the game is 100% co-op, meaning your friends or other players can join in when things get tough.  The Division is only one of two Tom Clancy branded (or rather influenced) games that showed on E3 this year. The other game I’ll highlight later, but it safe to say that the man would be proud of both because of how well they represented his vision.




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