Armada’s E3 picks: Battlefield Hardline (3/31/2015)


As I’ve mentioned before I’m not the biggest fan of the Battlefield series of games (although Battlefield: Bad Company was a lot of fun, its sequel not so much). I’ll spare you my thoughts on the matter but needless to say I’m a CoD guy. However something wonderful happened while I watched E3 this year: they showed me a Battlefield game didn’t bore me with the same ol’ thing. More still the game, Battlefield: Hardline, is a pretty original premise for the series: instead of the overdone war between two armies they are opting for a more urban conflict in an undisclosed city. Players can either be the on a crew of criminals or a squad of law enforcement finest. Each with their own objectives, goals, skills, and equipment – though its always safe to assume that criminals are trying to steal something and the police are trying to stop them. See this is how you get a guy like me interested into Battlefield EA, by doing something like cops & robbers in a 30 man objective mode that your competition isn’t doing or doing it better than you. The single player is revealed somewhat so my years of watching New York Undercover won’t be wasted. Sad though we’ll have to wait til next year before we can play it (another delayed showing) but hey if Hardline actually turns out well I can finally stop calling Battlefield ‘Boringfield’ in mixed company. We’ll see 2015.





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