Armada’s E3 picks: Far Cry 4 (11/18/2014)


Now Far Cry is another series I’ve tried to get into back in its early start, but it never really resonated with me too much wasting time wandering around with no pay off and fixing crap weapons (or taking forever buying new one with conflict diamonds). Now Far Cry 4 has some of those familiar trapping of the previous titles, but they have some improvement that bumps it up to an E3 pick. One of which is a different location; now I know Kyrat isn’t a real place but it’s the most interesting looking setting (outside of Blood Dragon) in a Fry Cry game to me. I don’t mind going of the beaten path so long as its not always the same flat nothing, which was Far Cry’s biggest problem. Just by looking at the trailers so far you can see that Kyrat is more than just a collection of  stages, but a living place where NPCs call home – so it’s more than a little convincing is what I’m trying to say.  Also you can get online help which is a plus for some of the tougher missions in the game and was sorely needed for the previous titles. Weaponize animals, which you saw one in the trailer, is another interesting technique that can be a advantage or a threat depending on the situation. But who am I kidding Pagan Min was the big draw for me to this title, now he isn’t the philosopher that Vaas was but he does have a certain psychopathic draw that makes me want to know more before I put him six feet under. Far Cry 4 surprising is not delayed (yet) and should be out this November.




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