Armada’s E3 picks: Scalebound (TBA)


Platinum Games has been getting a lot positive buzz from players ever since Bayonetta (although for me it was Madworld), so it’s no surprise to anyone that they’re coming in strong and hard for the next gen consoles. Bayonetta 2 will only be gracing the Wii U, but Xbox One won’t be left out in the Platinum goodness as they are getting there own exclusive game called Scalebound. Sadly background info on Scalebound is M.I.A. the trailer alone is enough to speculate on how the game will play. Namely you play as a character who the internet has called ‘Dante the Dragon Slayer’, wielding a sword and a funky arm. When he meets up with two big beasties it looks like he’s done for, but nope, the dragon is on his side and with the Dragon Slayer’s abilities which includes forming armor that looks like dragon scales the day is saved. That is until an even bigger monster showed up, ate the monster the slayer just killed, and is now looking seconds. The slayer gets on the back of the dragon  and takes off to fight the giga monster, only this time more dragons (with their own riders it looks like) come out to help you fight and that how trailer ends (which you own already). So Scalebound could be like Monster Hunter with Legend of Dragoon mixed in, or it could be like Titanfall with Dragons instead of robots. It could be all the above, but whatever it turns out to be as information finally reaches our ears Scalebound will be the one Xbox One owners will keeping their eyes on in the future.





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