Armada’s E3 picks: Bayonetta 2 (12/31/2014)


Yes indeed ladies and gentlemen the ‘True Fall of Games’ is coming on strong. Normally the autumn of every year has some pretty choice games for the upcoming holiday season; people with jobs don’t have to wait for Christmas however because they can buy their games without waiting – thus every year the Armada terms that special time of year as: the Fall of Games. However this year going to be so jam packed full of games that I’ve renamed it, for one time only, the True Fall of Games. Now don’t get me wrong, there have been some disappoint delays (Evolve is now one of them) but there are still enough on time games to make sure every gamer will be happy this fall – Bayonetta 2 is one such game. Again as I said before I never played the first game but enough people did and are literary counting the seconds before this sequel hits the Wii U. Now I’m willing to take a chance on blind faith (and fans) but if I was a betting man I think the good people Platinum Games has another hit on their hands – I just need to make it official in a review when it releases.





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