Armada’s Gamescom picks: Hollowpoint


Ah, what once was old becomes new again. 8-bit style games are coming thanks to excellent game like BroForce and Shovel Knight; and 2D (or 2 & ½ D) games keep going strong thanks to games like this future title called Hollowpoint. In the future you’re the leader of your own mercenary organization (Big Boss would be proud) and go to war for various mega corporations against one another. Taking high steaks jobs will earn you prestige and money to make organization grow. However the best contracts require multiple organizations to complete; so work with fellow players from your own merc company, or even a rivals’, to achieve victory. Add to the fact the numerous armaments you can equip for your merc, the random, challenging levels you will encounter, and of course online play, and Hallowpoint’s valve is almost impossible to miss. Sadly it will only be available next year, but so is a lot of other good games, so I can wait.