This just in (Or not): DA-I ability sneak peak



So excited people, I mean it. As Dragon Age Inquisition edges closer and closer; we players get more and more information fall info our laps. Today (or Sept .8 depending on your internet viewing time) the good people at BioWare show us a few key abilities of a two handed skill set. Which many people are happy about, me? Well I would like to know the abilities of the Artificer personally. With an Two Handed warrior you can guess the moves, but with the Artificer there alot of move for imagination. I’ve played the warrior class more times then you can say ‘You have my Axe!‘ but the Artificer will be a new experience for me and a lot other DA players who want to set traps and possibly throw alchemical death from afar. However any Inquisition news is good news and today it belongs to the 2H’ers, enjoy!