Walkthrough 4 U: Detective’s Choice – Vol. 2



Hey, hey people it’s time for another Walkthrough 4 U; starting everyone’s favorite CYOA books from D Light Games (or is it Delight Games). Today it’s the second volume of the Detective’s Choice. Poor Jack Jericho; things don’t go his way in this story, the Missing Indian, however depending on the skill, sense, and a little luck of the player, Jack will come out smelling like the awesome P.I. pro that he is. Of course if you need a hand our walkthrough is only a scroll away.






  • Play undercover cop
  • 613
  • Kick
  • Yes/w operation
  • Cab
  • Five clams
  • All business
  • High ball
  • Need number
  • Another entrance
  • Jump
  • ‘Just dropping in’
  • Pay her
  • Ask him
  • Indians
  • Ask the girl out
  • Pick lock
  • Fire alarm
  • Gun him down
  • Befriend
  • A lie
  • Make a joke
  • ‘Can I take a look under the hood?’
  • ‘That’s why people hire me.’
  • Negotiate
  • ‘None.’
  • Duck 
  • Disarm
  • Love of Discovery
  • Go for gun
  • Be a wise guy
  • Slug him
  • ‘She was my wife’
  • Doctor Clay
  • Crawl
  • Boulders
  • Calm Heidi
  • Mouth
  • Left
  • Use the torch
  • Throw the torch
  • Gun him down 
  • Go for gun










  1. Will you please make a walkthrough for detective’s choice volume 3….

  2. I have downloaded the Delight Games book version of this and your walkthrough has been a great help. Problem is that when I get to the part just after the Love of Discovery option, where the cop is about to shoot himself in the bedroom, whichever option I choose (you put Go For The Gun) I end up having to go back. Can you please tell me where I’m going wrong? I can’t get past that point. Thank you

    • Sorry for taking this long to reply, but I went through the walkthrough and every thing checks out. Try again and take it slow, but hey if it’s still not working out then use your best judgement and have fun!

      • I’m stick at the same spot. And i keep dying no matter what option i pick. Been really enjoying it but this parts annoying…darkness fall over me and it feels worst then death. Any help or reason why?

      • I’ve checked the Walkthrough, everything seems to be in order. If you follow it you should reach the without difficulty.

  3. Better, in the end, to first tackle him, then go for the gun. -2 life, but +2 cool.
    Also don’t pay Coco, threaten her for a +1 cool.
    Plus, if u instead of “love for discovery” choose “love for adventure”, you get to “flirt” with her for another +1 cool.
    Small differences, but they can get you agood score and not place you second.

    Aah, don’t ask the girl out, force the hunchback to talk. A -1 rage is not worth a -1 cool.

    Rage is -10, cool is +30.

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