Gameroween 2014: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Link)


Now for Link, from the Legend of Zelda fame, it fills many different roles as a costume. Sure it’s a great representative of video games, but it also could be seen as a fantasy choice. First Link himself is an elf of some sort (the ears are a giveaway). The land of Hyrule (to which Link is from and generally defends from evil) is as mystical, mysterious, and full of monsters as Azeroth, Middle-earth, or ‘The Known World’. Finally from his infamously green tunic to the master sword and shield Link just screams: ‘I’m going a quest!’. So you don’t have to worry about people not automatically getting who you’re going as this year because you got the a safety net of fantasy guy or gal (seriously there have been some pretty hot chicks dressing up as Link lately) to fall back on. And as we all know: fantasy is cool right now so work it for all it’s worth.





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