Gameroween 2014: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Samus Aran – Again)


Varia Suit


The first lady of gaming and the best bounty hunter in the galaxy (sorry Boba) Samus Aran is today’s costume. From slaying space pirates to being a one woman genocide on deadly parasitic bio weapons in which they were created to kill an even deadlier syn bionic parasites. Samus is perfect example of awesome Nintendo characters because like Link fitting any kind fantasy relation; Samus is work well with any Sci-Fi image people may think if they don’t get Samus and/or Metroid right away. Now the only downside is the creation of the costume itself: Varia Suit power armor with infused arm cannon (not to be confused with the Mega buster) is not something anyone can ‘throw on’. However professional cosplayers can recreate this iconic armor with some effort; as for any other young lady wanting to represent Samus there always the Zero Suit: easier to make, easier to wear, the gun can be anything, and its still Samus – so everyone wins.


Samus Aran

Zero Suit








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