Gameroween 2014: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Yoshi)


Yoshi is a truly fearsome creature; don’t be fulled by his adorable looks and childlike demeanor. In addition to being a dinosaur, which you don’t want to cross anyway, he also has the ability to eat anything (even ghosts) and turn them into eggs in which then he can throw at enemies like mortars. If that wasn’t bad enough; Yoshi has also the ability to breath fire, grow wings to fly, and cause earthquakes – oh and shipshape too. Finally Yoshi can walk on spikes, the bane of video games characters everywhere, and is indestructible because no matter the injury, the attack, the bottomless pit, or some guy on his back – Yoshi keeps going strong. So going as Yoshi will be honor for any hardcore gamer, people may laugh and point but you know the truth – mutants, demons, and the undead are no match against the Yoshi.





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