Gameroween 2014: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Pikachu)



Pokemon – Gotta to check them all. Pikachu, hands down the most popular Pokemon of them all (although I’m more of a Mew man myself). Costumes for this little guy is easy, in fact it might be an over-saturation of Pikachus this year. The small electric mouse Pokemon can fit anyone: men, women, children, babies, pets – heck anything living really. You don’t even have to wear anything heavy just put on some yellow make-up on your face and orange dots on your cheeks and -BAM- instance Pikachu. The only down side in going as Pikachu is would-be trainers always trying to catch you, and if you tell them your not a Pokemon they’ll try to catch you even more because they’ll believe you’re a rare talking Pokemon now. Oh well going as the perfectly popular Pokemon Pikachu for one day is worth the risk of being a 10 year old’s pit fighting slaves forever, or is that just me.





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