Gameroween 2014: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Marth)



Look people I know Marth is a legacy character in the Smash series, and the hero-king of Altea in Fire Emblem, and his overall martial skills are amazing – but to this very day he looks like a freaken girl. If he was a girl then there wouldn’t be a problem, but he’s a dude and that’s just confusing. Most people would blame the anime style of Marth, but for me it’s the stupid hair clip (or is it a hair circlet). Even Saki looks more manly than Marth ever does. I’m sorry people, this is just my pet peeve; some people don’t like one shoulder guard on characters, I don’t like that hair thing on Marth. Anyway dressing up like Marth is EZ; most of the stuff you can buy a Wal-Mart, including the blue wig, and since Marth looks pretty much gender neutral any gender can go as him. Just don’t fem it up too much ladies otherwise people will confuse you with Lucina, unless that’s what you were going for, then never mind.





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