Gameroween 2014: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Meta Knight)

Meta Knight

There he is, the original bad boy of Dream Land – Meta Knight! He’s a mystery, wrapped in a enigma, stuffed in a nesting doll, you never know what his motivations are. Sometimes he’s trying to save dream land, other times he’ll try to conquer it, on one hand he’ll defend a sacred piece of the Star Rod to keep ultimate evil from returning, other times he uses phenomenal cosmic powers to awaken the strongest warrior in the galaxy – just to fight it. Meta Knight is definitely his own man. Sadly his actual skills in Smash are hit or miss, but hey maybe I couldn’t handle the awesome powers of the Meta Knight. As for him as a costume it’s pretty simple; other than a spiky sword (its name Galaxia in semi-canon) and a cape (wings are optional) the only key item you need is a mask over your face. Since Meta Knight is mostly face, similar to Kirby, what else you wear is completely up to you. Now I know that is almost like Vega, but when you show them Galaxia they’ll quickly get the point (Get it? Because Vega doesn’t use a sword and a sword is pretty pointy in general – you get it).






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