Gameroween 2014: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Mega Man)

Mega Man


Now, depending on who you talk to, Mega Man is a character that many believe was abandon by Capcom. While I don’t personally believe it, there are alot of examples that would make a die hard blue bomber fan see it that way. Even Mega Man’s co-creator Keiji Inafune (Dr.Light, out of canon, as it were) is creating a game called Mighty 9 where its hero is very similar Mega Man himself – yet Capcom is oddly quiet about it (well as far as I know). Anyway I say Capcom still cares otherwise they wouldn’t let this living dynamo fight in smash this year. And for you purists out there, worry not, they ‘got’ Mega Man right in Smash; he’s fighting like they ripped him out of his 8-bit games. Now as to dress like the main mega man I got one word for you: blue – and lots of it! It’s even OK if you don’t have a mega buster (although bonus points if got one ready to go) but you’ll need a helmet otherwise people will think you’re part of the blue man group – unless that’s what you’re going for then never mind.





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