Gameroween 2014: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (PAC-MAN – Again)



Before Yoshi and Kirby there was the original hungry hero, eater expert, consumer commando: PAC-MAN. This one was the real surprise of this year’s Smash and believe me, this pill popper can throw down. Using familiar PAC icons like the ghosts, power pellets, and fruits; PAC-MAN keeps the other fighters on their toes with glorious 80’s 8-bit tactics. As for how to go as this plucky puck for Halloween fortunately this was also a Gameroween pick in the past that all Armada viewers can go back to anytime. Come on, PAC-MAN is the perfect choice for you candy lovers out there; you can say you’re staying in character when the bowl of choice goodies get gobbled.





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