Inquiring about the Inquisition: Dragon Age – The Last Court


Update 11/10/14: The Last Court is up now, go play


Oh man, as if on cue, the flood of Dragon Age goodies have hit the net – in force. Maybe BioWare heard of my hyping of the game before launch or maybe Santa thought I was an extra special good this year and gave me some presents early, whatever I’m just  glad they’re making my job easier. Dragon Age: The Last Court is part & parcel of Dragon Age Keep, but focuses on the months before the Inquisition starts. It’s a text adventure story where you, either a male Scholar or a female hunter, are a new ruler of Serault; a down on its luck place needing a good leader to turn it around. In perfect Dragon Age fashion can make choices that could put Serault back on the Orlesian map – or mark its doom. I could explain more about The Last Court (heck there are already spoiler videos for it already), but it’s not released to the general public yet so changes could  happen, unlikely, but still. However with Inquisition so close to release date I don’t believe we have to wait long before a finalized Last Court to appear. Stay tuned.





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