Inquiring about the Inquisition: Play the game EARLY!!!! (For Xbox One only)

EA Access


That’s right people, you read right, you can play Dragon Age Inquisition early before anyone else. See EA access, available on Xbox One only, is an $5 a month service that allows players to play some EA games on demand like  Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, Need for Speed Rivals, and Battlefield 4. However they also allow subscribers to demo upcoming games, five days early, for six hours; and guess which upcoming game is also under the EA umbrella and is awesome and gets awesomer every day? You know which game.  Now people I know some of you are griping about paying for the service to get early hands on play. But you what, it’s only five dollars… You can lose more money ordering from McDonalds, not even including taxes; all you have to do is buy it for the demo and cancel after the game’s release (which is what I’m going to do – unless you like the service then keep it). Stop choking the wallet and invest in happiness, you’ll thank me later.





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  1. […] people I hope you enjoyed your six hours of alone time with Dragon Age Inquisition, I know I did! The sad thing is it when too quickly; good thing we only got one more day to wait! […]

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