Inquiring about the Inquisition: Final Prep Videos

A World Asunder


Well people I hope you enjoyed your six hours of alone time with Dragon Age Inquisition, I know I did! The sad thing is it when too quickly; good thing we only got one more day to wait! So here are the most recent videos about DA Inquisition to get yourself mentally prepared. One video gives an abridged back story of the events leading to Inquisition, another one is the final Q & A from the creators, and the last videos are a series that show’s the game multiplayer in action. Trust me people, there are more DA:I content available than the stuff I’ve highlighted. You can watch them at your leisure here & here; but in all honestly I tire of reading, watching, and hearing about it – it is time to start playing the dream. And we can do so in one. more. day.



Dragon Age Keep Q&A






Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer


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