Walkthrough 4 U: Pepper Melange – Deep Space Bounty Hunter



Time once again for a CYOA game from the good people from Delight Games (or is that D Light, I’ve know which is which). Anywho today’s book is titled ‘Pepper Melange – Space Bounty Hunter‘ where you play Pepper Melange, a space bounty hunter, sorry couldn’t help myself. Now Pepper wasn’t always a huntress, she was a thief not to long ago. However, like most thieves, she got into trouble with the criminal underworld and now owes money to the space mob (they have a name but it escapes with right now). So in order to pay off the debt she goes semi-legit as a Bounty Hunter because being a criminal herself gives her an advantage. You know what else give Pepper the edge she needs to survive and get her bounty – this Walkthrough, and when I mean ‘her’ I actually mean ‘you’. Happy Hunting!






  • Check out distress call


  • Continue


  • Tell me more


  • Get Sarah


  • Inspect


  • No


  • Scrounge fuel


  • Undock & jetpack


  • On your own


  • Give 20 credits


  • ‘Yeah, they’re with me’


  • Ask for money


  • ‘Fair enough, I’ll take it’


  • Hovercab


  • Fire


  • Put gun down


  • Buy fuel


  • Keep Vlaak talking


  • Run away from Vlaak


  • Approach


  • Go to camp


  • Lie


  • Sneak down


  • Launch yourself


  • Reason


  • Stall


  • A rocket powered distress beacon










  1. Instead of “Sneak down” which is neutral, “Wait and watch” gives +1 cool

  2. Instead of “Sneak down” which is neutral, “wait and watch is +1 cool followed by “run after Q’Rell” for +2 more cool… However that still needs another 5 points to get to highest grade.. Any ideas?

    • Heh, not me – I’m just happy completing the story. However I’m sure the other Armada faithful can help you reach the high score.

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