Gift Guide for Great Gamers: Infamous – Second Son



Super heroes are big right now and unfortunately there aren’t a lot of offline super heroes’ games out there that don’t suck or get stuck with a next year release date. Well good news people! Infamous – Second Son is one such superhero/anti-hero title that will tie you over til the next year. It has it all: open world city, awesome powers (some of which you get to steal), side missions, drama, next-gen power, and stickin it to da man. The game even has a DLC ready to go to expand the adventure and provide some back story. This PS4 exclusive is a gem for people just getting the system and wants to know what the hub-bub is all about. So make that person’s Christmas Day and buy it, it’s no Arkham Knight but playing as an anarchist version of Rogue and Nightcrawller ain’t bad either.








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