Gift Guide for Great Gamers: Super Time Force

Class in session

Quick question: what game has time travel, an 8-bit art style, the ability of creating a veritable army of you(s), lots of guns, a Hawaiian shirted dinosaur, a double blind leader who’s also your chief enemy, Atlantis, 198X, pointy legged robots (not Mischief Makers), and on almost every console of today? If you said Super Time Force then congras you read the heading of the post. Seriously though Super Time Force is one of those special kind of games that doesn’t take itself too seriously and you’ll love every minute of it. As part of the Super Time Force you must go back and forward in time to, quote: ‘Make life more better!’ end quote. Manipulate time and a little bit of space to defeat the blownbot army and their leader Dr. Infinity (spoiler alert: he’s the younger version of your leader.) S.T.F. is not a game you over think or reason why, you play and have fun with it, especially if you have Steam or Xbox. Everyone ask Santa for a time machine so you can go to a future where S.T.F will be available for all systems – even colecovision!

There is Super Time Force Ultra as well, it’s no turbo but what is.


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