Games & Gear of 2015: Final Fantasy Type – 0 (03/17/2015)


Final Fantasy. A name that, in its prime, was enough to stop a gamer in their tracks and bombard you with questions, comments, and overall excitement about the next one to hit our particular shores. Unfortunately due to less than stellar games in recent times, plus the rise of new and interesting titles elsewhere the name Final Fantasy has lost much of its punch to the gaming audience. Sadly even to me, and I’ve played quite a few Final Fantasy people (Edgar + Sabin 4 da win). That’s why I have hope that this new Fabula Nova Crystallis subseries Square Enix is trying to do will payoff big time and reboot Final Fantasy to prominence again. Final Fantasy Type – 0 is part of said subseries where players are a part of an elite military academy who get thrown into a war with their enemy nation. Armed with skills and magic you and the rest of Class Zero must survive the worst of war as well as finding out what started it between the two nations. Now it does sound a little like FF8 (not a fan), but I have a good feeling about it. Also it released on the PSP years ago and receives good scores then so I’ll gamble putting it on the list now. Think of it as prelude to Final Fantasy XV (and that game will be one to make or break the subseries).





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