Games & Gear of 2015: Fable Legends (2015)


Now the Fable series of games never really live to their full potential, but it wasn’t for a lack of try nor was the games bad or boring. I’ve always enjoyed all the Fables even if their continuity was spotty at best. Now in Fable Legend they’re trying their hand at Gauntlet; throwing four players into maze like dungeons to fight evil and find treasure. However a player can also take on the role of the master mind; unleashing monsters and creating traps to waste the heroes. This must be the theme for this year, having players being bad guys (Evolve, Battlefield Hardline, etc) not that I’m complaining – there’s nothing like competing against thinking, feeling opponent. Anyway depending on how well you can work with your team or how cleaver the master mind is Fable Legends can be set up for some epic experiences. Also add the general quirkiness of Fable’s universe and characters and good times will be had by all. It won’t change the way we look at games (at least I don’t think) but it will fun, and people, that’s the reason we play games in the first place.





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