Games & Gear of 2015: Cuphead (2015)



People this is why I don’t work with demons, they’re treacherous, they’re evil, they’re mean, and they cheat at the deals they make. Take the game Cuphead for example: see Cuphead and his friend Mugman were having a grand night out gambling – however they were gambling with the devil! So as you can guess they end up losing their heads (i.e. their souls, I guess) and the only way to get them back it to retrieve several items from very dangerous people. And if the devil says they’re dangerous that’s the only thing you believe from him. So that’s the cautionary tale / story of Cuphead – and unfortunately we got to clean up the mess, players have to use their cup skills to defeat different, but highly tough, baddies throughout the game. Will we be able to earn Cuphead’s Cup head back or will he await an eternity of infernal tea parties. We all find out later this year.






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